The 2015-2016 Season - Our 53rd Year

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1.    Thou shalt skate thy LANE.
2.    Thou shalt headman thy PUCK.
3.    Thou shalt keep thy BODY between the puck and the MAN.
4.    Thou shalt keep thy STICK on thy ICE at ALL TIMES.
5.    Thou shalt not incur a PENALTY when the TEAM is BEHIND.
6.    Thou shalt ALWAYS play the MAN FIRST and then the PUCK.
7.    Thou shalt NOT PASS , nor CARRY the puck in FRONT of THINE own NET.
8.    Thou shalt ALWAYS BACKCHECK and pick up thine own MAN when thine opponent hath the PUCK.
9.    Thou shalt keep thy HEAD UP and NEVER pass to a covered MAN. (Thou shalt not give a BUDDY PASS)
10.    Thou shalt NOT HOG the puck except when thine can takeith ICE