The 2017-2018 Season - Our 55th Year

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2011-2012 Travel Team Registration Fees and Policies
For Current and Prospective Members

The following pages contain important information regarding the process for registering with Hamden Youth Hockey Association for the 2011-2012 season. Please read through the material carefully and refer back to it throughout the season.
As in previous years we are committed to ensuring every child wishing to do so is provided the opportunity to skate with Hamden Youth Hockey provided we have the necessary resources and the skater’s family honors all deadlines and financial obligations.
We continue to strive to provide a quality hockey experience for all members at an affordable price. As in previous years, full year travel teams can usually expect two hours of practice per week, a minimum of 12 home games and, at least, as many reciprocal away games. Many of our travel teams play more than twice as many away games.
All full year travel team players typically play in up to three (3) tournaments during the course of the season. The 2011-12 registraion fees pay for two (2) of those tournaments: the Haunted Shoot Out, held in late October in Marlboro, MA , and the team's CHC end of season state tournament. The third tournament, typically played during the winter holidays will be an out-of-pocket expense for families and or paid from team fundraising efforts. Teams are not reimbursed if they do not earn a spot in their end of season state tournament.
Tryouts for all TRAVEL teams will be held duting he week of May 9th. The team selection process will be completed on May 19th, Commitment Day, the date whereby all families must commit to the team or forfeit their skater's roster spot.  
Members are required to pay their USA Hockey and CHC affiliate fees directly to USAH via the USAH web site. USAH's online registration for 2011-12 is underway. All HYHA players are required to register with USAH and transmit their confirmation number to the HYHA Registrar not later than Commitment Day.
Attention Goalies: For the 2011-12 season Clinic/House and Mite goalies will continue to pay our regular registration fees and the Association will supply equipment from our current stock. Goalies in our Squirt divisions and above are responsible for supplying their own equipment but will only be charged 50% of their respective travel teams registration fees. 
Lastly, in looking at our projected numbers for travel teams, and in keeping with our pledge to provide a quality experience for every player it is quite possible that we may not be able to accommodate every player who wishes to skate in Hamden. In previous season we have been forced to turn skaters away. As has been the case the last few years, current membership (both resident and non-residents) will be given preference to return for the 2011-12 season, provided families meet all applicable deadlines and obligations.
As always, you should feel free to contact any member of the HYHA Board or send us an email with any questions or concerns.
 - HYHA Board of Directors, March 2011

Registration Dates 

Initial registration for all travel teams are to be made in person. Families of players expecting to tryout for a full or half-year travel team must register at one of the in-person registration sessions listed below. Unless otherwise indicated, all registration sessions will take place at the Louis Astorino Ice Rink, 595 Mix Avenue in Hamden.
          Thursday, April 7              6 – 8pm
          Sunday, April 10               10am – 12pm
          Wednesday, April 13         6pm @ the banquet (Laurelview CC)
          Thursday, April  14            6 – 7pm  @ Knight of Columbus, 2630 Whitney Ave (prior to start of the annual spring meeting).

Registration Dates for Clinic
We will gladly accept registration for our CLINIC and HOUSE programs at the sessions listed above. Additional registration dates for these programs, which begin in October, will be announced toward the end of the summer.

New Non-Resident Registrations
We will accept registrations from new non-resident skaters but only on a first come first served, conditional basis, pending the availability of slots in each division. All new non-resident registrations will be placed on a wait list. New non-resident skaters with siblings who skated with HYHA in 2010-11 will be given priority. New non-resident registrants can expect to be notified on or shortly after April 15 regarding available space in a particular division
Optional Mail-in Registration
For those returning members not able to attend one of the in-person registration sessions we are, once again, offering the convenient option of registering by mail. Those wishing to exercise this option should mail their completed registration material with payment to the address below such that they are received no later than April 14, 2011.
Please mail your registrations to:
                        Hamden Youth Hockey Association
                        P.O. Box 5413
                        Hamden, CT 06518
                        Attn: 2011-12 Registration

USAH Age Classifications
Youth (co-ed) Teams
Birth Year                                                 Division
1993, 1994, 1995, 1996                             Midget
1997, 1998                                                Bantam
1999, 2000                                                Peewee
2001, 2002                                                Squirt
2003, 2004                                                Mite
Players with birth years 2005 and sooner are typically placed in our Clinic or House programs as determined by player's skating skills and prior hockey experience.
Girl Teams
Birth Year                                                Division   
1992, 1993, 1994                                      U-19
1995, 1996                                               U-16
1997, 1998                                               U-14
1999, 2000                                               U-12
2001, 2002                                               U-10
Girl player with birth years 1999 and sooner are encouraged to play in the Squirt, Mite or House/Clinic divisions as determined by the player's skating skills and prior hockey experience. Should you have any questions about the proper placement of your girl player please email the HYHA Board of Directors.

Required Items and Forms for Registration
The items listed below are required for registration. Click on the "form link to open and print. Copies of all required forms will also be available at each registration session.
HYHA uses Adobe Acrobat for most of its document publishing on the web. At a minimum you'll need the Adobe Reader in order to view and print the documents found on our site. Click here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (for new players only)
  • Proof of Residency - e.g., utility, tax bill (for new players only)
  • Initial payment per registration fee schedule below
  • Individual Membership & Waiver Form (click here for the form)    

Schedule of Fees
Every effort has been made to accurately project HYHA operating expenses and to contain those expenses where possible. At the time this fee schedule was established most, not all key areas of the budget were understood.  HYHA reserves the right to revise fees as needed to cover unforeseen incremental operating expenses.
Clinic $500
$250 due at registration (September)
$250 due by first ice (October)
House $750 
$250 due at registration (September)
$250 due by first ice (October)
$250 due when House teams are formed (November)

Full Year Travel Teams:
Mites $1,400
$250 due at registration
$500 due on or before Commitment Day (May 19).
$325 due by first ice (late August)
$325 due by October 6

Squirts $1500
$250 due at registration
$500 due on or before Commitment Day (May 19).
$375 due by first ice (late August)
 $375 due by October 6

 Girls U14 $1600
$250 due at registration
$500 due on or before Commitment Day (May 19).
$425 due by first ice (late August)
 $425 due by October 6

PeeWee and Bantam $1,700

$250 due at registration
$500 due on or before Commitment Day (May 19).
$475 due by first ice (late August)
 $475 due by October 6

Half-Year Midget and Girl U19 $1,100
$250 due at registration
$350 due on or before Commitment Day (May 19)
$500 due on or before first ice (mid-August)

USAH On-Line Fee and Registration Procedures 
Individual USAH and Connecticut Hockey Conference (CHC) registration fees are NOT included in the HYHA fee. Those taking advantage of the USAH registration on-line will pay these fees directly to USAH beginning on April 1. Those unable or unwilling to take advantage of the USAH online process will have the projected $30 for USAH and $10 for CHC added to their HYHA account.

Click here to register your skaters with USAH now. Be sure to save the confirmation number as you will need it complete your skater's commitment to his / her team.

Non-Refundable Portion of Registration Fee (aka Tryout Fee)
Players who register and tryout for a travel team but elect not skate with HYHA will be subject to a non-refundable fee of $250.

HYHA does not issue refunds for any reason once a family has committed a player to a team.

Non-Resident Surcharge 
Non-residents are required to pay an incremental $150 per full-year travel team child and $100 per half-year travel, House or Clinic child. This fee is due payable by the team’s first ice, whichever comes first.

Sibling Discount 
As long as a family has one skater registered for a full year travel team the registration fees for sibling players will be reduced by $100 for each sibling travel player. This discount will be applied against a family's final payment.

Other Charges 
HYHA will access a player’s account for any charges incurred for member checks returned to our bank for insufficient funds or other reasons, as well as, any fees incurred by the Association to collect those funds.


Financial Obligations 
Financial Obligations Skaters will not be allowed on to the ice if financial obligations are not met as outlined in this fee schedule. Family cooperation in this regard is most important. There will be no adjustments made to a skater's fee schedule without a written request to the HYHA Board from the player’s parent(s) / guardian(s) and the expressed written consent from the HYHA President, Vice-President or Treasurer.

Forms of Payment
We accept cash, checks and mastercard or visa.
Only 2nd, 3rd and 4th installments will be available for processing via credit card on the web site. An email announcement will be sent out as these payment deadlines approach.

Questions regarding any aspect of the material listed above should be sent to